Gemini Surface Drive

The Gemini II Surface drive unloader is manufactured using the same heavy-duty augers and frame as the GRD, but uses a simple design that offers high capacity at a lower price. The exclusive Tri-Mount systems offers stability in rough conditions. Fits 12' - 24' diameter silos. Gear box features brass gears, steel worms and tapered gears for years of trouble free operation. Tri-mount suspension system improves balance, control and stability. 26 inch blower housing in 304 stainless or mild steel. Fits beneath most existing suspension systems.

Gemini Ring Drive

The Gemini Ring Drive's aggressive, opposed rotation augers with heavy 1/4" flighting can handle the toughest frozen, hard silage. With it's heavy-duty frame and drive ring, it is the choice of dairymen who expect high performance. Fits 12' - 24' diameter silos. 7" front and 8" rear opposing augers. 26 inch blower housing in stainless or mild steel. Well-proven electric ring.

R-26 Pacesetter

The R-26 Ring drive unloader features a single, rugged 9" auger with 1/4" flighting for those dairymen who prefer the performance of a 3 cable hexapod drive unloader. Fits 14' - 24' diameter silos. 3 3/4" auger tube with 1/4" flighting. 26 inch stainless or mild steel blower housing with four pawl rotor. Three cable suspension hexapod. Optional Independent Drive for Ring to guarantee a smooth, level fill - even on large diameter silos.

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