LOYAL TUNNEL VENTILATION (Wall-Mount Exhaust Fan) Barn Fan

CONE FAN - Higher, Quieter Air Flow - Aerodynamically Engineered!

  • 33% heavier-gauge housing than competitors' clone models
  • Specially-engineered cone - reduces back pressure and boosts air performance
  • Oversized intake opening - Increases air flow capacity
  • Aluminum shutters - micro balanced to reduce air drag
  • Blade computer matched to tweak-out maximum efficiency
  • Exclusive EZ-swivel shutter fasteners - for quick, tight mounting
  • Pulley-diameter/belt-style combination computer optimized to maximize air flow without overloading motor
  • Housing extends straight-out, thru wall, for tighter wall seal
  • Housing slopes down, beyond wall, for less air resistance, and to protect components from weather, plus aid in runoff
  • Extra-deep orifice opening accelerates air flow

LOYAL MILKING PARLOR (Wall-Mount Intake Fan) Barn Fan

  • 36" and 48" available with one- or two-speed motors
  • PVC shutters with aluminum frames for quieter operation
  • Typical parlor uses 3-fans (see Suggested Fan Layout)
  • Pressurizes parlor with clean outside air
  • Control with one-speed switch, two-speed switch, or thermostat

LOYAL Portable Floor Barn Fan

  • Higher, ground clearance keeps lime, straw and dust from blowing up on operator and cows, upon startup
  • Aerodynamically engineered to push air further with 12-air vanes on 48" fan
  • Heavier, stronger construction for smoother, quieter, more dependable operation
  • Sturdier, rust-resistant galvanized housing (18 ga.)
  • Static-balanced, five-wing steel blade minimizes vibration - maximizes air flow
  • Larger, more powerful motors - thermal protected, dust-proof, with one-year warranty (provided required size wiring is used from fan power cord to electrical box - use No. 12 wire to 30' and No. 10 wire over 30')
  • Automatic, rotary, belt-tensioner (new automotive-style design)
  • Rugged 1" sealed, self-aligning pillow-block bearings with self-locking collars. Greaseable on 48" fan - from outside housing
  • Fused, switch box (20 amps) — wired for 115V
  • Heavy-duty, 20' power cord with wrap-around fan handle
  • Removable fan guard
  • Easier to move. Large 10" semi-pneumatic tires on 48" fan. Sturdy 6" x 2" solid-rubber tires on 36" fan

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