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Split Rail Suspended Freestall System

J&D Manufacturing has taken the popular Twin Beam Suspended Freestall System and separated the beams into a split rail configuration that allows the rails to be mounted at any height independently. The heavy-gauge, corrosion resistant Split Rail System fits all sizes of our Ironside or Relax Fit loops without requiring specialized loop brackets for different loop heights. Each loop is attached to the rails using 2 of our 2-3/8" or 1.9" universal loop brackets. The J&D split rail system is one of the most flexible and easy to install freestall systems on the market today at an affordable price.

Adjustable Twin Beam Suspended Freestall System

J&D Manufacturing's popular Twin Beam Suspended Freestall System is now more flexible than ever before! Cow spacing is fully adjustable along the Twin Beam tubes for more cow comfort area. The Twin Beam height is fully adjustable using the new adjustable post and wall mount, and for the first time ever, even the loops are fully adjustable! The Twin Beam System uses J&D's proven Ironside, Relax Fit, and Dog Bone heavy gauge loops.

The Adjustable Loop Twin Beam System offers the same features as our standard Twin Beam system, but adds the flexibility of individual loop adjustments. Consider the possibilities of raising or lowering the height of individual rows or sections of stalls throughout your barn to fit your growing herd. With the new galvanized bracket option you can create a fully galvanized system using J&D galvanized twin beams, brackets, mounts, and clamps. The Adjustable Loop Twin Beam System is available for 2-3/8" loops, and also for 1.9" calf or heifer loops.

Featuring Relax Fit and Ironside Loops

J&D Manufacturing's Single Post Relax Fit and Ironside Freestall Systems give today's progressive farmer the proven features of our heavy duty loops with the flexibility of our weld-free clamp system. The single row or head-to-head clamp system allows you to easily adjust the height of the loops so your cows can have the comfort they deserve. In today's changing world, why not invest in a freestall system that can change with the needs of the herd?

Post-less Free Stall System

J&D's Post-less Free Stall System requires less hardware, provides increased headroom, and reduces air restrictions and animal injuries. With the benefit of being able to install after cement is poured, and with no concern for post placement, this system allows for easy retrofitting without all the complications and adaptations needed with other systems.

Adjustable Poly Brisket Tube System

J&D Manufacturing's new Poly Brisket Tube System is gentle on your cows. Unlike wood or concrete brisket systems, our poly tube has a round profile to prevent injuries. The adjustable stall mount bracket system moves easily up or down, forward or backward to provide the proper lunge room for various size animals.

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