Freudenthal Dog Bone Freestalls

The Dog Bone system was engineered to provide superior space for forward lunge and side lunge. This design also makes grooming sand an easy task. Loops are mounted on (2) 2 7/8" O.D. 7 gauge galvanized horizontal rail pipes which are mounted to your building column support posts where needed. Freestalls are constructed of heavy duty 2 /8" O.D. hi strength galvanized pipe with 1.9 (9) gauge top rail for additional strength and boasts a 6 1/4 pound top rail clamp. The weight of our 4-way horizontal rail clamp is 8 pounds which is used on head to head rows. Our 3-way horizontal rail clamp used on outside rows is 7 pounds. The strongest equipment on the market guaranteed.

Freudenthal Suspended Freestalls

New extra 1/4 thick clamp, 6 1/4 pounds. Thousands in use; stronger than poor imitations. 10 gauge tubing; 2 3/8" outside diameter. Variety of lengths & sizes can also be custom made to fit your stall. 30" - 34" wide opening, easy for cows to get up (custom sizes too). Heavy 1.9" - 9 gauge top rail. 2 - 40" Extra Heavy galvanized angle iron brackets, drilled for 8 lags or bolts. Various types of mount systems available.

Freudenthal Dual Rail System

The strongest horizontal mounting system on the market, guaranteed. The loops are mounted to (2) 3 1/2” O.D. 8 gauge galvanized pipes, which are mounted to your building columns or support posts where needed. Our heavy duty stand pipe brackets give you the flexibility to adjust the stalls laterally or vertically. The elevated dual rail system will accept any loop design of your choice.

Horizontal Rail Mount System

If your building is designed with structural posts 12 feet on center, this is an excellent mount system. We use (2) 2 7/8" O.D. x 11'6" 7 gauge high tensile strength galvanized rails that are fastened to posts with heavy duty flange brackets. This system can be used on Head to Head Rows, as well as, Outside Rows. Freudenthal Freestalls are constructed of heavy 2 3/8" O.D. high tensile strength 10 gauge galvanized steel with 1.9 9 gauge top rail for additional strength. Our top rail clamp is a full 1/4" thick, weighing 6 1/4 lbs. Freestall prices include clamps to fasten stall to horizontal rails. The weight of our 4-way horizontal rail clamp is 8 lbs., which is used on the Head to Head Rows. Our 3-way horizontal rail clamp, used on the Outside Rows, is 7 lbs. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Freudenthal Comfort Stalls

Freudenthal Manufacturing CS-60 Comfort Stall is the heaviest in the industry. The main frame is constructed of high tensile 2 3/8 - 10 gauge tubing, supported by a 2 3/8 curb post reinforced with a 3" x 18" long (5 gauge) steel rust guard with 12" poly-vinyl rust shield. Included with the CS-60 is 48" of neck rail pipe, stall chain with push in snap, stall chain hanger clamp and a 6 1/2 lb top rail clamp. Stall frame clamps to post for easy installation. Durability and cow comfort was the main focus in the design of this stall. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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