J&D Manufacturing

Calf Condos

What can we say? Easy, Easy, Easy! J&D Calf Condos are EASY to install, EASY to clean, and EASY to transform from single penning to group penning in seconds. EASY TO INSTALL: Set the up-posts, install the rear mounting channels, slide in the panels and drop in the gate. EASY TO CLEAN: Slide out the panels and clean in one long unobstructed sweep. EASY TO GROUP: Slide out a panel to group or more calves together.


  • Single penning to reduce the spread of disease during the critical months
  • Assemble in a single row or back to back using the optional 16' divider wall
  • Quickly and easily remove dividers to transform from single to group penning to manage socialization and wean calves from single pens to group environments (Corrugated only)

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