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Cow Comfort- Cow Mats

Berg Cow Mats

BERG Simplex Dairy Pad Floor Mats-Stalls

Simplex Dairy Pad (1.4 Inches Thick)
The Simplex Free Stall Pad from Berg Equipment is made from a specially formulated rubber compound that is vulcanized to provide long life and excellent cow comfort. The vulcanization is similar to the process used in the manufacturing of tires. This process provides a uniformly strong material that stands up to abrasion, provides long term durability and is non-absorbent. The specially formulated rubber compound provides softness, shock absorption and traction for ease in getting up and down.

The unique design of the free stall pad provides a non-skid surface. The grooved underside provides impact absorption and ventilation that helps to minimize the accumulation of condensation.

Simplex Dairy Pad (1 3/8 Inches Thick)
Simplex Dairy Pad from Berg is a unique combination of pad design and rubber compounding. The vulcanized rubber compounding provides softness, durability and is non-absorbent which means it is easy to clean. The textured surface combined with the overall softness of the vulcanized rubber provides excellent traction and virtually no hock scuffing. The deeply grooved pad bottom provides additional softness and aids in reducing bacteria forming moisture build up caused by condensation.

BOTH DAIRY PADS are easy to clean and require no regular maintenance. They can also be scraped with a metal scraper and stands up to regular washing. These pads are not affected by water, urine, manure, lactic acid or any other chemicals normally found in a dairy barn.

  • Superior Cow Comfort
  • Soft and Resilient
  • Non-absorbent
  • Long Lasting (limited 5 year warranty)
  • Excellent Traction
  • Easy to Clean
  • Insulates Against Cold and Damp
  • Reduces Daily Bedding Requirements
  • Will Not Promote Bacteria Growth