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Manure Handling - Barn Cleaners

Jamesway Barn Cleaners

Jamesway Model 750 Barn Cleaner Transmission Barn Cleaner Unit
  • Handles up to 700 ft of chain with 7-1/2 HP motor
  • Convenient fiberglass hood tilts forward for easy access to components
  • Easy access shear bolt for maintenance
  • Heavy duty tie bar and cast iron pulley
  • Ductile iron drive gears
  • Powerful drive unit in a compact size
  • Low maintenance

Jamesway Model 15/16 Barn Cleaner Transmission Barn Cleaner Unit

Being overbuilt is a real advantage when the going gets rough.

  • Standard duty pulls up to 375 ft
  • Heavy duty pulls up to 700 ft
  • Clutch protection
  • Automatic clutch reset
  • Easy to use chain tightener
  • Extra heavy paddle wiper
  • Easy opening hoods
  • Automatic belt tightener

These transmissions are proven workhorses. While most heavy duty transmissions on the market have a #80 final drive sprocket, this is what Jamesway uses on the standard duty unit! The DOUBLE #80 final drive on our Heavy Duty unit can handle the biggest loads. Modular construction makes it easy to service. Indeed, the Model 15/16 barn cleaner transmission gets it's name from the fact that when you need to perform service, there is only one size of wrench you need to bring... 15/16".